RE-SCHEDULED: Screening of the Film “Bag It” at Columbia University

Presented by the SIPA Sustainability Committee at Columbia University (view revised poster here)

Wed, February 19th, 6:30pm-8:30pm

International Affairs Building, Rm 1219

Columbia University’s Harriman Institute (Morningside Campus)

420 W 118th St, New York, NY 10027

A screening of the film Bag It followed by a discussion with Jennie R. Romer, Esq. founder of

To RSVP, please email Please email Ben Salley at (space is limited).

Radio Segment About NYC’s Proposed Plastic Bag Legislation

Check out this short (4 minute) radio segment on Brooklyn’s Heritage Radio Network featuring Jennie Romer from discussing NYC’s proposed plastic bag ordinance: Read the rest of this entry »

San Francisco’s Expanded Plastic Bag Ban Upheld by Court of Appeal

The San Francisco Board of Supervisors adopted its current checkout bag ordinance in early 2012, in the face of opposition from a group representing plastic bag manufacturers – which threatened to sue.  The current ordinance expanded the scope of SF’s original plastic bag ban that had applied only to supermarkets and large pharmacy chains to 1.) include every retailer and restaurant in the city and 2.) add a 10-cent charge for other checkout bags provided at the register. Read the rest of this entry »

The Immortal Plastic Bag: a Short Film About Plastic Bags in NYC

The Immortal Plastic Bag is a short film by Joe Harvell, Aaron Reiss, and Jamie Hefetz featured in today.  The film details some of the harms caused by plastic carryout bags in New York City, particularly how plastic bags clog machinery at the City’s recycling facilities.

Since the film was made, plastic bag legislation was introduced in NYC Council that would require a 10-cent minimum charge on all carryout bags.  To get involved please visit and fill out this online petition.

Plastic Bag Bill Introduced in NYC Council, Awaits Hearing in Sanitation Committee

Last month, NYC Council Members introduced legislation aimed at reducing plastic bag consumption in NYC. Read the rest of this entry »

NYC Plastic Bag Press Conference On the Steps of City Hall Tuesday Aug 20th at 11am

Council Members Lander and Chin will be introducing legislation to reduce plastic bags in NYC this week!

There will be a press conference at 11:00am on Tuesday, August 20th on the steps of City Hall (260 Broadway) that we will need as many people as possible to attend. Please plan to arrive at 10:30 am. Let us know you are coming by joining our Facebook event.

Bring signs in support, but and leave sticks at home as all signs (and people) will have to pass through a security check.

Jennie’s Ocean Voyage: Short Film Released About 5 Gyres North Atlantic Gyre Expedition by Jeneene Chatowsky

***This is part of a series of personal blog entries by’s founder Jennie R. Romer, which will document her trip to study plastic pollution in the North Atlantic Ocean with The 5 Gyres Institute.***

Here’s a short film by Jeneene Chatowsky about the sailing expedition that I in went on with The 5 Gyres Institute in June:

5 Gyres North Atlantic Gyre Expedition from Jeneene Chatowsky on Vimeo.

This film is part of a larger Plastic SEAS documentary series by Ms. Chatowsky that explores the connection between plastic pollution, the seas, and human health. The feature length Plastic SEAS documentary is expected to be released in 2014.


Here is another short film about plastic pollution in the ocean that specifically explores the plight of Laysan albatross plagued by ingestion of plastic trash:

MIDWAY: A Message from the Gyre – a film by Chris Jordan.



Jennie’s Ocean Voyage: Plastic Bag Sighted 142 Nautical Miles Out to Sea

***This is part of a series of personal blog entries by’s founder Jennie R. Romer, which will document her trip to study plastic pollution in the North Atlantic Ocean with The 5 Gyres Institute.***

As I’ve mentioned in previous posts, my work on plastic bag reduction ordinances is what drew me to this sailing expedition – to study plastic in the ocean – but I didn’t expect to actually see any plastic bags in the open ocean.  My reasoning was that because plastic bags are thin films, if a plastic bag is floating on the surface of the ocean it will photodegrade relatively quickly into smaller and smaller particles.  I also figured that when plastic bags  become covered in sediment or algae they will become more dense and sink and that large waves from storm events will push plastic bags under the surface.

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Los Angeles City Bans Plastic Bags



Here is a press release from Health the Bay, one of the main groups that has been working on the issue in southern California for the last few years.

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Press Release: New York City Takes On Plastic Bags – Council Member Brad Lander Discusses Upcoming Legislation This Monday

Click here for a PDF of the press release.


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